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DIHsP4_Medicine project’s Interregional Seminar will be held in Madrid on June 7th, 2023

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

The Interregional Seminar will bring together the project partners and international experts in the field of P4 Medicine, digital health and collaboration between innovation ecosystems.

The consortium members of the DIHsP4_Medicine project (DIH·bio, Transilvania DIH, DIH HealthWise and Minasmart) will be meeting in Madrid from 6 to 7 of June, 2023.

They will hold the project’s 4th Study Visit and 1st Interregional Seminar in which the project’s partners will share and discuss with external experts the lessons learned, findings and conclusions arisen in the framework of the Task Forces meetings and the Study Visits during the first phase of the project.

What will happen during the 4th Study Visit?

The project’s partners will meet and visit some of the most relevant regional stakeholders in the field of healthcare at the Madrid innovation ecosystem. An internal discussion with the project’s Advisory Board is also scheduled to address the results and conclusions of this first phase of the project as well as the next steps towards the elaboration ofthe Joint Action Plan.

The following activities will take place in Madrid:

  • On June 6, 2023, the DIHsP4_Medicine consortium will have a follow up meeting to discuss about the project’s status and progress. This will be followed by visits to four important stakeholders of the regional innovation ecosystem: Research Institute on Food&Health Science (IMDEA Food), Biotechnology National Center (CNB), Institute of Knowledge Engineering (IIC) and Centre for Molecular Biology “Severo Ochoa” (CBMSO).

In the afternoon session, the project’s partners will visit the Madrid Science Park where they will meet leading innovative startups in the field of P4 Medicine in the region of Madrid: Medmesafe, Biohope and Dendron Neurotechnologies.

  • On June 7, 2023, the Interregional Seminar will start with a Round Table to which experts in the field representing industry, academia, public authorities and citizens are invited to discuss about the healthcare digital transformation and the role of DIHs in innovation ecosystems in the context of P4 Medicine.

This will be followed by an internal meeting of the DIHsP4_Medicine consortium and external experts from the project’s Advisory Board to discuss about the lessons learned, findings and conclusions arisen in the framework of the Task Forces meetings and the Study Visits during the first phase of the project as well as the project’s second phase next steps and flagship initiatives identified to elaborate the Joint Action Plan.

  • The end of the DIHsP4_Medicine project’s first phase has resulted in a series of findings and conclusions on the particularities of health-related activities and healthcare systems and professionals, and the potential of their digital transformation. The internal dialogue and field study developed by the project’s consortium during this first phase, together with the expert vision and expertise during the Interregional Seminar will constitute the core of the insights that will allow the draw up flagship initiatives and specific actions to be developed in the Joint Action Plan.

DIHsP4_Medicine project aims to put together all the relevant actors from the regional healthcare ecosystem such as SMEs and startups representatives, Digital Innovation Hubs, public authorities and other important stakeholders with the ultimate goal to create a corridor of collaboration to share common goals and vision.

See you in Madrid!

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