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Stakeholders Catalogue

Below you can find stakeholders specialized in Healthcare from Europe and also other initiatives which are boosting the P4 paradigm in medicine.



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Founded in 2000, MEDICALPS is cluster dedicated to healthcare technologies located in the heart of the French Alps, one of the most vibrant region in France regarding its economy, the number of research centers, healthcare facilities, and the number of high-technology industry leaders. This crossfertilized ecosystem with a prestigious history of scientific discoveries, clinical expertise and engineering innovations aims to shape the future of the healthcare experience. MEDICALPS gathers over 130 members including world-class research centers, university and healthcare facilities, industry leaders and numerous startups. Our members develop and deploy preventive solutions, personalized therapeutics and home care monitoring systems to improve patient outcomes. Those smart medical solutions cover a diverse range of applications such as diagnostics, surgical robots, imaging, drug delivery systems, implants, e-health, software, therapeutics and biotechnologies. Since 2020, MEDICALPS is also operating Medytec, the hub of health technologies in Grenoble Alps

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Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes


With its international outlook, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes boasts many assets for developing fruitful relationships with its partners.

As France's leading industrial region, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes relies on the excellence of its researchers and the innovation of its companies to be a pioneer in forward-looking fields such as digital technology, hydrogen, microelectronics, health industry and industry 5.0.

A major tourism region, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes offers exceptional natural landscapes with rivers, lakes, valleys, and mountains. This priceless heritage creates many opportunities to develop the attractiveness and economic dynamism of the area.

Faced with the major challenges of our time, the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region aims to preserve and strengthen these many assets, to position itself as a role model in Europe and the world.

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The North East Regional Innovative Cluster for Structural and Molecular Imaging (IMAGO-MOL Cluster) stands as the sole medical imaging cluster in Romania and the European Union. It operates as a non-governmental, non-profit organization with the core objectives of enhancing the innovation competitiveness of its members and bolstering the economic competitiveness of the North East Region within the domain of medical imaging. The IMAGO-MOL Cluster actively contributes to the advancement of precision medicine in the North East Region and promotes the digitalization of the healthcare ecosystem.

IMAGO-MOL serves as an umbrella organization for more 70 promoters such as R&D organizations and academia, hospitals, companies active in ICT and health sectors, as well as associations dedicated to patient advocacy or medical research, the catalyst being the North East Regional Development Agency. Notably, IMAGO-MOL holds the ESCA gold label.

Currently, IMAGO-MOL is member of CEBR, EUREGHA and is engaged in implementing TRACE-MED demo case under the Smart Health Pilot of the Vanguard Initiative. It is also the founding member of the MEDIC-NEST Meta-Cluster in Precision Medicine and holds associate membership in the Digital Innovation Zone Association – the regional hub for digitalization.

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Cognodata has 22 years of experience developing Artificial Intelligence solutions for different sectors around the concepts of customer intelligence and patient experience. Cognodata has a very strong R&D Department and collaborates with several universities in Europe and USA to develop cutting edge AI algorithms. More specifically, we have a strong experience in the development of Machine Learning solutions in the Health sector working for large Hospital groups such as Grupo Ribera Salud, Grupo Recoletas, Viamed, etc.  We also have developed several projects with the Spanish Ministry of Innovation, through the organizations CDTI and,  to perform R&D in AI for Health. Some of these projects are in collaboration with the national respiratory association SEPAR, and the regional respiratory association SOGAPAR.  The Cognodata team has extensive experience in developng AI algorithms and constructing predictive models at the core of P4 Medicine.

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DEVA Group


Deva Group, a Slovenian development company, specializes in integration, monitoring, and control, particularly in operating rooms under the brand Noordung. Our products, including the Noordung SCP (Surgical Control Panel), Info Panel, Work Station with a medical keyboard, Clock, and Video Management system, are utilized in over 900 operating rooms globally. We collaborate with renowned clients worldwide, integrating our systems into comprehensive surgical theatre constructions or renovations. Our interconnected products ensure a comfortable and optimal environment for patients and medical staff, enhancing hospital spaces with modern technology. Prioritizing the specific needs of medical professionals, we emphasize functionality, clarity, and ease of use, ultimately enhancing patient well-being.

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Data Therapy


Datatherapy transforms real-world data into powerful scientific evidence useful for decision making with health impact. We combine the latest advances in data science with the best statistical methodologies to solve the real-world challenges that really matter.

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AItenea biotech


Biotechnology company (CSIC spin-off) dedicated to the use of Artificial Intelligence tools for the prediction of properties of chemical compounds and the design of new molecules, with the aim of accelerating product optimisation and development processes in industrial sectors as diverse as pharmaceuticals, energy and new materials.

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