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Digital Innovation Hubs
P4 Medicine

DIHs_P4Medicine is a partnership of 4 Digital Innovation Hubs specialized in healthcare, which
aims to build successful collaboration mechanisms among Digital Innovation Hubs with the main
objective of boosting the P4 paradigm in Medicine: predictive, preventive, personalized, and

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What is DIHsP4_Medicine?
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About Us

DIHsP4_Medicine is a consortium of 4 Digital Innovation Hubs from four European regions: Madrid, Ljubljana, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Nord-Vest of Romania, which aim to address the necessary steps to build successful collaboration mechanisms among DIHs focused on health sector. Digital transformation of this field has a high level of technical complexity, and therefore requires the intervention of a wide range of stakeholders. Lessons learned from this project will be useful for building future corridors, or similar collaborative ecosystems that involve the participation of highly specialized players.

Next Event

Connecting stakeholders working for P4 paradigm in Medicine

We will keep you up to date in regards to actual and future events related to P4 paradigm in medicine, happening in the European space

Digital Health Conference - Ljubljana 2024
Digital Health Conference - Ljubljana 2024
05 feb. 2024, 10:00
2-day event will be performed as Show of Innovation Day (5th February 2024) and Conference Day (6th February) with a main focus on providing insights into new strategies for the rapid application of innovations, strengthening the industry and improving the quality of healthcare services.

Past Events

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